DAILY INSANITY was founded in 2015 in Berlin, Germany. As the band name suggests, the band has a soft spot for stories and events from everyday life. Most of the lyrics are autobiographical and tell of serious experiences, despair and inhumanity.

Their unique mixture of old school thrash metal, catchy melodies and gripping epic passages has not only produced one album (“Chronicles Of War“, 2021), one EP (“Conspiracy”, 2018) and several singles so far, the trio has already been on stage with acts like Tankard, Vader, Asphyx and many more.

The press about DAILY INSANITY:

„pure and fresh – flawless neckbreaking metal!“

„the belligerent essence of teutonic thrash“
Bathory Magazine

„undoubtedly the sound for style lovers who long for the golden thrash ages“
El Lado Obscuro

„a brutal sound with sawing guitars“
Metal And Me

„striking like a coiled cobra“
Jace Media

„old school thrash, rough and dark“
Monarch Magazine

Gene – Guitar
Hans – Vocals/Bass
Felix – Drums